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FERFLEX® Magnetne nalepke - V OCEANU

FERFLEX® Magnetne nalepke - V OCEANU

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Vključno z davkom. Dostava se obračuna ob zaključku nakupa.
A set of flexible magnets that allows children to reproduce and invent stories.
Fish, shells, corals, divers, mermaid, treasure… the possibilities are endless!

To be superimposed, moved, repositioned, the magnetic shapes stimulate children's creativity and autonomy.

From 3 years old, children can make our magnets their own. This is an ideal game to promote manipulation and develop fine motor skills.

Compatible with all magnetic surfaces (magnetic wallpaper, magnetic board or slate, fridge), they easily match the decor of a child's room.

Both playful and decorative, Ferflex magnetic shapes are an integral part of home decoration by making the various magnetic supports beautiful and practical.

Discover the other universes: the dinosaur theme, the space theme and the forest theme.
These themes are also available in the form of coloring magnets.

All our magnets are designed in Biarritz and manufactured in Artix (Made in France - 64)

52 magnets presented in 4 sheets - From 3 years old.
Predviden rok odpošiljanja: 3-15 delovnih dni. Preberi več
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